Quinn L pearl/lavender (medium firm)


Hand-made dildo made of high quality platinum silicone with unique colorisation. Total length 23cm (9.1in); usable length 19,5cm (7.7in); maximum diameter 5,6cm (2.2in); 500g. This toy has a pearl colored tip that blends into a lavender colored shaft.

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Quinn is a hand-made, uniquely colored dildo consisting of high quality silicone. This toy has a pearl colored tip that blends into a lavender colored shaft.

With his dragonlike design, the three irregularly shaped sections and his organic structure he’ll ensures long lasting fun and a sensational stimulation. In total Quinn measures 23cm (9.1in) with a usable length of 19,5cm (7.7in). His tip has a diameter of 3,5cm (1.4in), widening in the middle section to a diameter of 5,1cm (2in) on average and finally reaching his maximum usable diameter of 5,6cm (2.2in) at the last section. He weighs about 500g. Because of his 8cm (3.1in) wide and smooth base he can be used with strap-ons and sticks to flat surfaces like glass or tiles. This toy has a ‘medium’ firmness, meaning it’s made of our standard silicone of medium hardness (Shore hardness A 10). It yields somewhat to pressure and maintains its form well while still being bendable without effort.

Here at Creature Toys body-safe materials and impeccable craftsmanship are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we only offer the highest quality. Our dildos are completely made of silicone, so they are odorless and free of plasticizers (/phthalates). Quinn is non-porous and can easily be cleaned with water, soap, toy cleaner or even in a dishwasher. However, please take care to only use water-based lubricant, since silicone-based ones can damage the material over time.

We ship Quinn shrink-wrapped and in a nondescript cardboard box, including information on your toy and how to care for it inside. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.